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Changing Roles of South-South Cooperation in the Global Development System: Towards 2030 (FCSSC, 2017)

The Finance Center for South-South Cooperation in their annual report entitled, “Changing Roles of South-South Cooperation in the Global Development System towards 2030” captures the historical perspective and current transitions of South-South cooperation in today’s development landscape. It is a timely contribution as the international community prepares to commemorate the fortieth anniversary of the Buenos […]

Dispelling the myths of triangular co-operation– Evidence from the 2015 OECD survey on triangular co-operation

Triangular co-operation features in the 2030 Agenda and the Addis Ababa Action Agenda as an instrument to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. It combines the comparative advantages of the different partners involved, creates synergies, promotes learning among all partners and builds relationships based on trust. However, several myths have developed about triangular co-operation projects 1) […]